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Macedonia “Freeride Experience”

If you like powder, off piste, riding trees, couloirs, cliffs, wide open or steep terrains you’ll be at the right spot!

-10° - 9°

from CHF 250 / EUR 220

December to April

Culture, Nightlife, Nightshredding, Sauna

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  • Macedonia Freeriding

    This is the first European Snowcat freeriding operation. Take an exotic adventure of backcountry skiing and snowboarding on Sharplanina, Macedonia. If you like powder, off piste, riding trees, cliffs, wide open or steep terrains you'll be at the right spot! Our specially designed snow grooming machine with passenger cabin will take you to the most beautiful mountain peaks (up to 2600 m asl) where from you can choose your lines through deep snow. You will be in good hands with our two guides that will show you the best runs while taking care of avalanche safety.

    Come and enjoy what we consider to be the best European mountains. We'll take you to the peaks of exotic mountains with breathtaking scenery to ride an average of more then 4000 altitude meters a day.

    Why Snowcat riding
    Our snowcat is an adapted grooming machine with special passenger cabin built only for freeriding purposes. You save time and money compared to heli riding, and you get much more pow compared to touring. A helicopter can fly only about 50% of the time due to weather difficulties (high elevation wind, snow...), while we can run almost every day enjoying tree runs when higher elevation weather gets tough. In average you would pay 1/4 of the price for each vertical done with us compared to heli.

    There's a whole spectrum - wide open terrains, tree riding, couloirs, cliffs, banks, natural pipe canyons placed on total of 32 square kilometers. From adrenaline rides down the 50° "bowl" ride, or chilling in a safe fluffy 30° rides. So you can have a blast either being a pro or handling those intermediate resort slopes, and let us open magic world of freeriding for you.

    A good ski or snowboard level is required. Special avalanche knowledge is not necessary, however, the guides provide for the safety and each participant is equipped with an LVS and airbag backpack. You will get an instruction on your arrival at the camp.

  • Accommodation

    The accommodation is located in the Macedonian mountain village of Popova Shapka. There are clean double rooms and also rooms for 3-5 persons. At the restaurant with bar you can order various dishes and drinks. In the evening you go to different restaurants in the village. This gives you the opportunity to also enjoy delicious local dishes. And, of course, the Macedonian wine and a glass of Rakja can not be missed.

    The snowcats are parked right next to the accommodation. You also have direct access to the ski lift. The equipment includiung boardbags and shoes can be deposited at entrance of the house.

    The accommodation also includes a small outdoor sauna (fire-heated) with ice bath.


  • Freeride

    Locally called Shar-planina or Shar mountain, it spreads for an amazing 1600 square km, raising up to 2747 m at Tito's peak. Pine wood forest extents to about 1700 m, and above that lie approximately 550 square km of high pastures. This is the largest compact area covered with pasture on European continent making it a perfect playground for backcountry addicts! Shar mountain is by evolution considered "old mountain", opposed to Alps which are "young mountains". Because of this Shar Mountain is more oval and open compared to the sharp and cliffy Alps.

    Our operation extends on the best part of the mountain from Tito's peak to Jelak and Popova shapka base at 1687 m.


    Snow conditions
    First rule is there are no rules.

    There are statistics, but again they tend to brake lately!

    January - Most sunny days in average, good snow conditions

    February - Colder weather

    March - Most snowfall, sometimes with cold conditions and sometimes spring conditions


    A day in the camp

    07.00h - 07.45h Breakfast and Safety
    Breakfast and preparation for the day. Safety briefing and avalanche transceiver check.

    08.20h - Hit the mountain
    ...slope choice between:

    • Jelak or Kazaniste to the north
    • Antene to Babinova or Orlova cliff to south
    • Vakaf coral canyon
    • Bakardan to east
    • Titov vrh - Turcin
    • 1. Maj - Lešnica

    *all direction have plenty of riding variety
    Average of 5 - 10 runs a day are made, totaling over 4 thousand vertical meters, dependant on weather, avalanche aspect and choice of terrain. We guaranty at least 2500 m average a day.
    Along the way you will have lunch break depending on how much time you want to rest. Lunch break time is to be determined by the lead guide.

    16.30h - Back to base
    Back at the base, shower and rest. Picutre exchange. Avalanche transceiver check for newcomers.

    19.00h - Dinner and fun
    Collective dinner at one of the nearby restaurants. Last evening: Trip to Skopje with the whole group having dinner and enjoying nightlife.


    Snow conditions

    January - on average most sunny days, good snow conditions
    February - cold temperatures, good snow conditions
    March - Most snowfall, sometimes with cold conditions and sometimes already spring conditions

  • Offer

    Included: hotel accommodation, open air wine barrel spa, food, cat-rides, guides, tracker and airbag.

    Last night arrangement
    On the last day (after the final freeride session) you can drive back to Skopje with the crew and enjoy delicious food in a traditional restaurant. And if you still got some power you should join the locals to experience the great nightlife!

    Season 2017/18
    High Season: January 20th - March 20th
    Mid Season: January 1st - January 20th & March 20th - April 1st
    Low Season: December & April

    Price per person
    Season per day
    High Season CHF 290
    EUR 250
    Mid Season CHF 260
    EUR 225
    Low Season CHF 230
    EUR 200
    Last night arrangement incl. accommodation, dinner and guided nightlife CHF 69
    EUR 60
    Transfer one way (minimum of 6 pax) CHF 23
    EUR 20


    Important: Less then 3 days stay are up charged 10%.

    Camping with nightshredding
    On request we can offer you the ultimate freeride experience: Together with crew and guests you'll stay in a base camp up in the mountains. Enjoy starlit nights, bonfires and a warm tent. The base camp in the mountains enables to crew to show you even more hidden runs and special backcountry. And even at night you're going to shred down the mountains (all you need is a headlamp and moonlight).

  • Important

    Flight: from CHF 250 / EUR 220, info and booking at Sudden Rush
    Equipment: You should bring your own equipment. But there are good freeride Skis to rent and test-boards as well. LVS & Airbag is provided.
    Safety: Every group has two well experienced and licenced Guides with local knowledge. Everyday they check conditions and pick the right terrain.
    Transfers: All transfers included
    Activities: Sauna, Gastronomy, Nightshredding, Nightlife
    Rental car: Not necessary
    Important: This package is only for good Skiers and Snowboarders who are used to be in the backcountry and love deep powder.