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Language Travel Guadeloupe

A language trip to Guadeloupe is like learning French in paradise!

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hiking in the rain forest or on the volcano

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  • Learn French in Guadeloupe

    Learn French in this beautiful Caribbean island, which not only gives you the opportunity to to learn French in the sun, but also to do so much more! The former fishing village of Sainte-Anne, on the south coast of the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe, still retains its original Creole charm. Here is one of the most beautiful and extensive beaches of Guadeloupe.

    Language Stay with lots of water sports possibilities
    Combine your language course in Guadeloupe with water sports such as snorkelling, diving, windsurfing and water skiing or take trips to the green landscape. During your stay, you will discover a still active volcano, rainforests with refreshing waterfalls and a rich historical heritage. There are also a variety of cafés, bars and restaurants. Discos and nightclubs can be reached from Sainte-Anne in about half an hour.

    Caribbean dream beaches combined with French “savoir-vivre”
    You can learn French in glorious sunshine on idyllic beaches and a Caribbean attitude.

  • Language School

    Our language school is only a few steps away from the beach, located in the center of Sainte-Anne. The language school is characterized by a friendly, personal and relaxed learning atmosphere. The French lessons take place in 5 well equipped classrooms. You can step out of the classroom onto the beautiful sandy beach and simply relax and enjoy life.


  • Activities

    Thanks to the tropical temperatures, the Caribbean Sea is perfect for all sorts of water sports such as snorkelling, windsurfing, water-skiing, jet-skiing and diving.

    Our school in Guadeloupe will be happy to recommend you different activities to ensure that you enjoy your stay and practise your French as much as possible.