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Language Travel Manta

Learn Spanish and enjoy surfing classes at different beaches in Manta.

21° - 29°

23° - 26°

CHF 920 / EUR 800

December - April

surfing, diving, Kite surfing, fishing

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  • Learn Spanish in Manta

    If you want to learn Spanish correctly in a relaxing and pleasant, yet professional atmosphere, come to our Spanish Language School in Manta. The School is situated on one of the most beautiful beaches on the coast of Ecuador. The port town is still very authentic. Manta is located in a dry tropical forest with an average annual temperature of 25 degrees Celsius. There are several nice, sandy beaches. As the City offers many sporting and leisure facilites, it's a great and picturesque place to learn Spanish.

  • Language School

    Our language school in Manta offers a relaxed, cheerful and professional atmosphere. In small classes, you will receive plenty of attention from your highly-skilled teachers, so your Spanish will improve in a short time! The language school is situated in the heart of Manta and only a few minutes from the beach. For those who want to practice water sports as well, the school offers Spanish classes in combination with surfing or kite surfing lessons, depending on the season.

  • Activities

    Our language school also offers dancing lessons and the typical cooking lessons. In addition different activities are organized every week. The school offers many different excursions to the Machalilla National Park, Isla de la Plata and to many more beautiful spots around Manta. Let our school show you the best of this beautiful part of Ecuador!