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New Zealand “English and Surf”

Improve your English and surf level with our new English and Surf stay.

15° - 21°

CHF 1300 / EUR 1150

whole year

Golf, surfing, diving, fishing, hiking

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  • Sudden Rush's English with Surfing

    Mount Maunganui is part of Tauranga City, one of New Zealand’s most popular cities and has also been described as a “Little Waikiki”. There is a white sand beach which has been called the best beach in New Zealand.  The city centre is filled with various unique shops, restaurants and cafes. The city is a blend of modern urban living and areas of amazing natural beauty. You will have a great time in Mount Maunganui. Improve your English and surf level with our new English and surfing stay. For more than 15 years the school offers a high standard of English courses and prepares students at the highest level for Cambridge exams.

  • Accommodation

    To get more insight into the New Zealand life you are staying with a host family. The families are warm and friendly people who like to take care of you. A stay with the host family not only gives you the opportunity to improve your English skills, but also gives your stay a more local touch. You will be given a single room and will be served breakfast and dinner during the week and breakfast, lunch and dinner on weekends. You can also choose to stay in a guesthouse. Price on request.


  • Offer

    English courses: There are several course options to choose from, depending on how much you want to improve your English or Surfskills. There is a general English course, which can be booked on a weekly basis either full-time (24 hours / week) or part-time (15 hours / week). In addition, there is a combined English & Surf Course, where you get professional surf lessons every afternoon. If you want to do a Cambridge Diploma, you can choose the 12 weeks full-time course as preparation for the exam.

    General English course: For the duration of 1-7 weeks you will have lessons every day. This can be either full-time or part-time, depending on whether you prefer to learn English or surf in the afternoons and explore the area. Whatever your interest we have a course for you.  The price includes the registration fee, accommodation in a New Zealand family, breakfast and dinner on weekdays, breakfast, lunch and dinner on weekends, free Internet at school, welcome pack and course material.

    If desired this offer can be adjusted for a more than 12 weeks stay! If you stay longer than 7 weeks there is a discount.

    Language course - Price per person and week, incl. homestay accommodation in a single room
    full time (24 h / week) CHF 615 EUR 565
    part-time (15 h / week) CHF 515 EUR 475
    registration fee, student ID, school material, etc. CHF 400 EUR 370


    English & Surf course:

    For the duration of 1-4 weeks, you get 3 hours of language lessons every morning, and a surf course in the afternoon. Included in the price is the language course with professional teachers including material, homestay accommodation, breakfast and dinner on the weekdays, breakfast, lunch and dinner on the weekends, free internet in the school, surfing material and wetsuits.

    Language course with surfing  - Price per person and week, incl. homestay accommodation in a single room
    Language course & surf lessons CHF 970 EUR 895
    registration fee, school material , etc. CHF 400 EUR 370


    Cambridge Diploma preparation course

    This is a 12-week full-time course, which prepares you for the Cambridge Diploma examinations. The courses are offered 3 times a year and are based on the examinations at the end of the course. The course is an intensive program and includes exam preparation in the morning and evening classes. In order to ensure a positive learning curve at a high level, all students have to take a preliminary examination in advance in order to determine the level. The package includes homestay accommodation with a host family, breakfast and dinner on the weekdays, breakfast, lunch and dinner on the weekends, course material and documents as well as the examination fee.

    Cambridge Diploma preparation course - Price per person and week, excl. accommodation
    summer (9 weeks) starts: 9th January CHF 4200 EUR 3865
    autumn  (12 weeks) starts: Startdatum: 19th March CHF 5500 EUR 5060
    spring (12 weeks) starts: 17th of September CHF 5500 EUR 5060
    registration fee, school material, student ID, etc. HF 200 EUR 185


    For the Cambridge exam preparation course, we can organize a single room for 220 CHF / 205 EUR per week including breakfast and dinner or lunch on Saturday and Sunday with a host family. A one-time fee of CHF 200 / EUR 185 is charged for the accommodation organization.

  • Important

    Climate: Warm summer months from October - April, lots of rain and rain
    cooler from May - August, water temperature 15 ° - 21 ° C
    Activities: Golf, surfing, diving, fishing, hiking
    Flight: from CHF 1300 / EUR 1150, info and booking at Sudden Rush

    To ensure you all possible mobility, we recommend you a car. This self-sufficiency is especially worth paying for those who want to discover the surroundings and the capital.