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Language Travel Iquique

Discover the surfspot Iquique and its magical surroundings.

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CHF 920 / EUR 800

October - May

surfing, paragliding, diving

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  • Language School
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  • Learn Spanish in Iquique

    The city in northern Chile has blossomed from a mining town to a popular seaside resort with white beaches and palm trees. While Iquique is mainly visited by Chilean tourists, it is still an insider tip for foreigners. The journey is worth a visit because the desert town offers an enormous selection of attractive leisure and outdoor activities and has made a name for itself as an excellent terrain for a wide variety of sports. Paragliding, diving, sand sailing and desert golf are just a few of the many possibilities. And last but not least due to the excellent surfing conditions off the coasts of the city, the Surf World Championship was held here in 2007.

  • Language School

    Our language school was found in 1980 and is located in the center of Iquique close to the beach. Since different languages like English, German, French, Portuguese, Russian and Mandarin Chinese are also taught here, you have the opportunity to get in contact with local people at school. The teachers are all native speakers. The lessons are divided into the elements listening, speaking, reading and writing.


  • Activities

    Beside the language course our school offers a wide range of activities like surfing, sailing, scuba diving, deep sea fishing, Paragliding, landsailing, sandboarding, Playing golf in the Desert, Cycling, hiking in the Altiplano, Trips to Peru and Bolivia (Lake Titicaca, Cuzco, Inca ruins of Machu Picchu) and much more. The school will be happy to recommend you different activities to ensure that you enjoy your stay and practise your Spanish as much as possible.