General Terms and Conditions


The name Sudden Rush shall hereinafter be referred to as “SR”.

1. Contract agreement
Upon receipt of your written, telephonic or personal inscription through the booking agent, a contractual obligation is established between you and SR, provided that you have booked a trip pertaining to SR’s tour operating service. We recommend that you should book as early as possible since our offers are subject to a restricted number of participants.

2. Payment conditions
After your final booking you receive a confirmation by mail. All travel arrangements must be paid prior to departure. The total invoicing amount must be transferred to our Sudden Rush GmbH account at the latest 1 month prior to departure. After the booking you need to pay a deposit of 50% of the amount. The rest has to be paid 4 weeks before departure. If you booked less than 1 month in advance, the whole amount has to be paid instandtly. Booking expenses per booking CHF 50 / EUR 40. For bookings which are requested less than 14 days before departure, we charge an express fee of CHF 50 / EUR 40.

Bank information:

UBS Zürich-Römerhof/Switzerland,
Code 251,
EUR Account: 818625.60V
CHF Account: 818625.01U

Tours taking place in Switzerland are to be paid on the spot and in cash on the day of departure.

3. Cancellations and changes of reservation
If you cancel or change a SR reservation, you will be charged the following fees:

A processing fee of CHF 60 / EUR 52 per person will be charged for rebooking up to 31 days prior to departure.
For cancellations up to 31 days prior to departure, a fee of CHF 150 / EUR 125 per person will be charged.

30 – 15 days prior to departure: 40% of total amount
14 – 6 day(s) prior to departure: 70% of total amount
5 days until on the departure day: 100% of total amount

For changes of reservation up to 30 days prior to departure you will be charged a minimum fee of CHF 100 per change of reservation. In the event that, substantially, the change of reservation is to be deemed as a cancellation in part or full of the original arrangement, the above-referred cancellation terms apply to the cancelled fraction. As far as arrangements for Switzerland are concerned, no cancellation costs apply up to 3 days prior to departure. Thereafter, 100% of the total amount will be charged.

4. Cancellation by SR
In a case of force majeure, political unrest, strike or non-fulfilment of the minimum number of participants, SR reserves the right to cancel the trip. In this case, clients are entitled to a refund of the amount paid. Further claims for compensation are excluded.

5. Mandatory insurance
Sickness, accident, return trip, and cancellation insurances are mandatory for participants. We also advise you to purchase baggage insurance.

6. Price changes
SR reserves the right to adjust its prices under certain circumstances (e.g. newly introduced or increased fees, government-enacted price rises, exchange rate changes where the difference exceeds 10%).

7. Changes of programme
In the interest of SR and our clients, we reserve the right to change the itinerary or specific services agreed upon if unforeseen events render it necessary. If a vital article of the contract is modified, SR will inform you as soon as possible and provide adequate compensation.

8. Immigration and health regulations
Participants assume the responsibility for all necessary travel preparation (passport, visa, vaccination). Regulations may vary depending on nationality. For further details please refer to the competent consulate or embassy.

9. Compensation and liability
An experienced tour operator, SR guarantees the following as far as the scope of your trip is concerned:

– Careful selection and scrutiny of other entities involved in your travel (airlines, providers of lodging, etc.)
– Truthful description in the catalogue (at publishing deadline)
– Professional organisation of your trip

SR compensates you for any loss generated by the failure, in part or in full, to provide a service agreed upon or for additional costs incurred by you, where SR’s guides or the local representative were not able to offer you an equivalent alternative on the spot and where actual fault on your part can be excluded. However, we do not assume any liability where programme changes are due to delayed flights or strikes. Likewise, we do not assume any liability whatsoever for changes of programme attributable to force majeure, authority regulations or third party delays. Complaints and claims must be asserted within one month after the conclusion of your journey booked with SR.

10. Risk
It lies in the responsibility of the participant to select a trip that is in full conformity with his/her state of health and physical abilities. SR would like to draw your attention to the elevated level of risk entailed in adventure trips, namely surfing, helisnowboarding and fun sport tours (accidents may lead to injuries, disabilities or even death). Since SR does not exert any control over your mastery of these sports, SR does not assume any liability. Participants bear the full responsibility for accidents, loss inflicted on themselves or third parties or fatal accidents.

11. VAT
Possible VAT is not included in any of the prices listed.

12. Place of jurisdiction and applicable law
The contractual relationship between you and SR is governed exclusively by Swiss law. Legal action against SR can only be taken at its place of business in Zurich/Switzerland.