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Language Travel Garden Route

Combine your language study with a variety of activities!

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surfing, kite surfing, skydiving, hiking, safaris, whale and dolphin watching

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  • Learn English in along the Garden Route

    Do you want to learn English at one of the most beautiful places in South Africa? Our language school on the famous Garden Route, in the heart of the adventure capital of South Africa, the Garden Route can fulfill this wish!

    The climate on the Garden Route is pleasantly warm with about 320 sunny days a year. Already the first Portuguese explorers described the area as a jewel and called it "Bahia Formosa". During your language stay you can enjoy the beauty of the bay!

    If you plan your trip between the end of June and September witness a very special event. Plettenberg Bay is the place where whales give birth.


  • Language School

    Our language school offers the perfect combination of language learning and adventure! The language school combines learning English in the class with interactive group activities which promotes the joy of language and nature. The family-run, international language school is located in Plettenberg Bay and has a friendly atmosphere. You will feel comfortable during your stay.
    The language school has 6 classrooms. As the English course takes place in small classes and is run by qualified teachers, you benefit from the best conditions for a successful language stay. Coffee and tea as well as internet is available free of charge for the students of the language school. The infrastructure also includes a swimming pool.


  • Activities

    The Garden Route is a paradise for sports enthusiasts and adventurer. Your stay will be an adventure holiday at our language school in Plettenberg Bay! Our language school offers a versatile and exciting leisure program. During your stay you will get to know the Garden Route. Our language school organizes various activities, for example skydiving, mountain biking, bungee jumping, safaris, shark-diving and helicopter tours. Sports fans have the opportunity to join hiking, canoeing, beach volleyball and surfing activities.