Surfer rides the wave with longboard

Imsouane, located on the Atlantic coast in southern Morocco, is an absolute dream destination for surfing!
Imsouane is particularly famous for the large main bay, which is home to Morocco’s longest wave. If you catch the wave perfectly, you can surf up to 600m! There is a surf spot for each level and you can surf at any time of the day, regardless of the tide. And thanks to the sandy ground, the bay is also perfectly suited for beginners and intermediates.

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Imsouane also offers daily yoga sessions. The certified yoga instructors are themselves surfers and guide you through an hour of relaxation. The courses are adapted to your needs, e.g. Yin Yoga for tired souls after an intense surf day or Vinyasa Flow for those who want to develop their yoga skills. The yoga lessons are included in the surf camp package, as are the yoga mats and the breathtaking view over Magic Bay. Prior knowledge is not necessary, so beginners are welcome.

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