Weg vom Alltagstrott, rein ins Abenteuer mit Boa Lingua, dem Schweizer Sprachreise-Anbieter. Learn a foreign language where it is lived with a language study trip and use the time abroad for a surfing adventure.

During a language study trip, you spend a certain time abroad, immerse yourself in a foreign culture, work with people from all over the world on your foreign language skills or even learn a new foreign language – and that is where the language is lived.

Learn from locals

You usually learn the colloquial language and typical expressions not in classical lessons, but in contact with locals. For example, the Australians call breakfast brekkie instead of breakfast, while in Colombia the locals say to money platanos, which in Spanish actually means bananas. Expand not only your linguistic horizons but also your personal horizons by exchanging ideas with locals.

Surfing and language learning

During your language study trip, you also develop new habits: after – or even before – the lessons, you sprint with the surfboard under your arm towards the sea and surf with the professionals of the world. For example, experience La Pura Vida in Costa Rica,surf towards the sunrise at Bondi Beach in Sydney, celebrate surfing life in Hawaii or ride the Atlantic waves in Biarritz. Search with Boa Lingua between 300 language schools in 30 countries.

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Boalingua: Language Learning

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