Quick Facts

Camp opening October to March
Suitable for Solotravelers, Families, Couples, Peaceseekers,
Water temperature 16–20°C
Additional offers SUP, Culture, Markets


Eco Surf Lodge is located in Lassarga, a fishing village in the far south of the Dakhla Peninsula. The long forbidden beach at Lassarga has inspired the imagination of the traveling surfers for many years: Since one can recognize the wave with its clear lines and its extraordinary length during the landing phase to Dakhla airport, the then sealed off coast section the longing of surfers. Today, fortunately, guests can officially surf the dream wave and enjoy the hospitality of the locals.

The region in Western Sahara claimed by Morocco forms the link between the swells of the Atlantic and the sands of the Sahara, a paradise oasis of peace. While Dakhla has long been a popular destination among kite and windsurfing fans, the region is still in the shadow of the well-known spots around Agadir among the surfing community. In Dakhla, you surf empty line-ups, enjoy the tranquility of the Sahara and laze on the deckchair in pleasantly warm temperatures. This destination is definitely not suitable for party-goers.

The Eco Lodge is part of an increasingly committed commitment to responsible tourism: 100 solar energy, bungalows made entirely of wood, dry toilets, greywater filtration according to plants and local, ecological agriculture.


  1. Eco Bungalows with exclusive location, directly at one of the best surf spots in Dakhla
  2. Seclusion and tranquility, ideal to leave the daily routine behind
  3. Full board and all-round service for a carefree surfing holiday
  4. Top surf equipment and professional team for surf lessons and surf guiding
The accommodations are just short of the water at high tide

A tower towers over the lowlands and the sea with waves

Seagulls take off in the evening sun

The accommodations in the dry at low tide

A surfer makes a manoeuvre on the wave

A group of flamingos wading through the water

The observation tower of Dakhla

A beautifully decorated table with tea to drink

A sunset by the sea

Seagulls on the beach by the sea

The accommodation right by the sea

Breakfast on the table in front of the bungalow

The base of the camp with all the boards

On the beach a child on the swing and a surfer

The sun fights its way through the clouds

The wooden statue in front of the property overlooking the sea

The accommodations at a glance

A sign for enrolling in yoga classes

Three surfers walk along the beach

A woman poses in a yoga position on the beach


In Ocean Vagabond Eco Lodge you can choose from between the following three bungalow properties:

Shared Bungalow

  • Ideal for solo travelers, group travelers or smaller wallets
  • Equipment made entirely of wood
  • Large bedroom with 4 single beds
  • Discreet reading light
  • Common space and storage space
  • A covered terrace with sea views
  • Bathroom, shower and dry toilet
  • Bath towels, soap, shampoo and body milk
  • Daily room service

Private bungalow

  • Ideal for young couples or a single person
  • Equipment made entirely of wood
  • Bedroom with king-size bed
  • A covered terrace with sea views
  • Private bathroom with separate shower and dry toilet
  • Bath towels, soap, shampoo and body milk
  • Daily room service

Villa Bungalow

  • Ideal for couples and families
  • Equipment made entirely of wood
  • 2 bedrooms with 1x king-size bed and 1x two single beds
  • A covered terrace with sea views
  • Private bathroom with separate shower and dry toilet
  • Bath towels, soap, shampoo and body milk
  • Daily room service
  • Boardrack for storing surfboards
  • Outdoor shower
  • View-niche on the bungalow

Full board is included in the packages. It starts with dinner on the first evening and ends with breakfast or lunch on the last day of your stay, depending on the flight time. The chef offers a varied daily buffet of international and Moroccan cuisine. They are menus with various cooked or raw vegetables and salads, meat or fish dishes, grilled dishes as well as desserts and homemade pastries. An absolute pleasure!

The bungalows at low tide and morning sun

One bedroom with three single beds

Bedroom with single bed

The front-to-stay balcony with sofa and surfboard

Terrace of the accommodation with sofa and hanging rod for wetsuit

The bedroom seen from the outside

All accommodations at Flut

The accommodation and the waves

Schwar white picture of the bungalows

The surf spot right on your doorstep

A surfboard is in the rack

The restaurant ready for guests

Lamps and a table football in the restaurant

A laid table in the restaurant

Hammocks in front of the bungalows

Two bungalows viewed from the sea

A man in front of the accommodation in the evening sun mood

An empty accommodation seen from the outside


Eco Lodge is located on an unspoiled stretch of land, right in front of a 1.5 km long sandy beach with a fantastic pointbreak. On perfect days you can surf the right wave almost a kilometer, which means up to two minutes on the wave! The lodge is the only accommodation in Lassarga, so the wave is practically privately accessible to guests. And since it is a gentle wave, it is also perfect for beginners.

The Surf Center offers you high-quality equipment (surfboards and SUP in various sizes) and the courses are taught in French, English, German, Spanish or Arabic.

During the surfing season (October to March) this is one of the best places in Dakhla for surfing. In addition, there are other top spots in the area, which are approached together with the surf guides.

Surfboards are in the rack

Surfboards are in the rack

The surf station with the rental boards

The surf station with the rental boards

A surfer in the wave

A surfer on his way into the water

A surfer makes a maneuver on the wave

A surfer makes a maneuver on the wave

A surfer in a wetsuit rides a wave

A surfer laughs into the camera and holds his board under his arm

A surfer walks in the water and carries her surfboard on her head

A surfer practises his skills on the board and the wave

A surfer rides a wave

A surfer runs into the water in the evening sun

A surfer runs towards the water in the evening sun on the beach


Accommodation prices
All prices are valid for each accommodation per night and include full board with breakfast in the morning, lunch and evening. Also included is 1 yoga lesson per week, as well as arrival & departure transfers from/to Dakhla Airport.

Shared Bungalow
Prices per night
1 adult (single bed)
CHF 90
EUR 80
Private bungalow
Prices per night
1 adult
CHF 170
EUR 150
2 Adults
CHF 235
EUR 210
2 adults and 1 child
CHF 290
EUR 255
1 adult and 2 children
CHF 260
EUR 230
1 adult and 1 child
CHF 210
EUR 185
3 Adults
CHF 290
EUR 255
Villa Bungalow
Prices per night
2 adults and 2 children
CHF 305
EUR 268
3 adults and 2 children
CHF 385
EUR 342
3 Adults
CHF 315
EUR 280
1 adult and 3 children
CHF 355
EUR 315
4 Adults
CHF 415
EUR 368

Surf course prices

  • The surf course includes lessons with a qualified surf coach.
  • Group surfing course: At least 3 participants & maximum 6 participants. For less than 3 participants, the duration of the lesson is 1h30min. The group surfing course is suitable for beginners.
  • Semi-private course for 2 people: If fewer than 2 people are registered on-site on the day of the course, the course will be converted into a private 1:1 course of 1h30min. Suitable for all levels.
  • Private surf course: 1:1 coaching with private surf coach (2h), suitable for all levels.
  • Surf courses Kids: For children, younger than 9 years a maximum of 2 children per group and for children between 9-12 years a maximum of 3 children per group.
Surf course Adults & adolescents from 13 years
Prices per person
Group Surf Course Beginner (1x 2h)
CHF 40
EUR 35
Group Surf Course Beginner (3x 2h)
CHF 100
EUR 90
Group Surf Course Beginner (5x 2h)
CHF 165
EUR 145
Semi-private surf course, all levels (1x 2h)
CHF 70
EUR 60
Private surf course, all levels (1x 2h)
CHF 90
EUR 80
Surf Course Kids <12 years
Prices per person
Group Surf Course Kids (1x 2h)
CHF 35
EUR 30
Group Surf Course Kids (3x 2h)
CHF 90
EUR 80
Group Surf Course Kids (5x 2h)
CHF 145
EUR 130

Surftrips & Surfboard Rental
Half-day surfing trips to the surrounding spots can be booked directly on-site (depending on the distance of EUR 30-45 per trip). Surfboards can also be rented directly on site, from simple beginner boards to intermediate boards (Torq, Kai, Bic) to professional boards (Cabianca, Dylan). Depending on the model, the rent for 1 full week costs EUR 188-278. The boards can also be rented for individual hours (e.g. EUR 17 for 2h Beginner Board or EUR 38 for 2h Professional Board). Payment is made directly on site.


Arrival: Arrival/departure transfers from/to Dakhla Airport are included in the package.
Wetsuit: We recommend a jumpsuit (Oct-Dec) and a 3/2 wetsuit (Dec-Mar).
Yoga: For a week stay, 1 yoga lesson is included. Further yoga sessions can be booked directly on site.

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