Quick Facts

Camp opening April to December
Suitable for Solotravelers, Couples, Students,
Water temperature 25–27°C
Additional offers Snorkeling, Wildlife, Pristine Beaches


Our Hawaiian adventure is perfect for those looking for a complete experience. Above all, you improve your surfing level – whether you are a beginner, advanced or experienced surfer. We bring together everything that touches our hearts and souls: enchanting places, great food and incomparable scenery. Everything you can fall in love with every day.

It is a unique opportunity to experience surfing in the most original way and at the same time to train the body and the soul – where it all began. You should get to know all the sides of O’ahu. We will lead you high on peaks and also into the crystal clear water, where you can snorkel with green sea turtles.

Our shared experiences promote strength, balance and flexibility, which is the most important thing when surfing. Our team is there for you and provides everything you need for the perfect Hawaiian experience.


  1. Exclusive camp weeks for small groups
  2. Experience the beauty of Hawaii with like-minded people and surf together on the most beautiful beaches in the world
  3. Varied programme with many activities and excursions
  4. Discover Oahu’s underwater world and snorkel with turtles and dolphins
Hike overlooking the coast of Oahu


Bird's eye view of skaters


Surfer looks out at the sea and cliff in Hawaii

Pata Sudaka Crew skating

Surf training with Coach

Surfer looks from the mountain to the coast

Diving with dolphins

Guests dive with dolphins in Hawaii


Turtle in the water

Guest jump from cliff to sea

Skatergirls on Oahu

Kitschy sunset in Hawaii

Skatergirl in Hawaii

Surfer with Carver Skate and Ukulele

Guest on Slackline

Hawaii Waterfall


Underwater group picture


Indo Board Session Oahu

Group picture in the surf camp

Skater with Carver Turn

Pineapple on Oahu


Our beach house has everything that makes a Hawaiistay perfect. High-class accommodation in a private beach house in the north or east of O’ahu.

  • Fully equipped kitchen for free use
  • Wi-Fi throughout the house
  • Pool (if available)
  • Beach within walking distance
  • Shared rooms (no single rooms possible)
  • The accommodation in Hawaii varies as we want to show you different places of the island

The daily breakfast and lunch (lunch package when we are on the go), as well as the BBQ closing party on the last evening, are included. A local chef will prepare breakfast and lunch with fresh local produce. The food is varied and full of super food, such as kale, quinoa or acai. This guarantees strength for your adventure. For dinner, you can swing the cooking spoon yourself or accompany us to a local restaurant.

Bird's eye view of accommodation on the beach

Beach Villa Hawaii Oahu



Hawaii is the ultimate surfing spot for surfers from all over the world. North, South, West or East – there are waves all year round. On Oahu the waves reach a half to two and a half metre high in the southern part, and up to 18 metres in the northern part. We will take you to spots with small fun waves that are only 50 meters further up and fast.

Oahu is the third largest island in the Hawaiian chain and is considered a “place of togetherness”. This is where various ethnic groups meet, which characterize the cuisine, culture and even the languages of the island. Here you will learn to ride waves where surfing originated.

Surfing is a way of life on Oahu. 100 different surf spots surround the island, which wants to be explored. The water is crystal clear and perfect for snorkeling.

The south coast of the island is quite touristy, but we show you hidden treasures like Kapiolani Park or Diamond Head. The north coast is famous for great waves and great snorkeling opportunities. The east is full of great nature and in the west you will find the best beaches. We’ll take you to all these great places.

Our home base will depend on the conditions, it is either Puena Point in Haleiwa on the north coast or Diamond Head in the south. The different waves and surfboards will improve your surfing style and technique before you can say ALOHA.

Beginner Surf Course Package – Level 1
You’ve never been on the board or just started?

What you will learn:

  • Basic knowledge and techniques: proper paddling, standing on the board at the right time, choosing the right wave, going left or right
  • Wave direction and best conditions for surfing, offshore/onshore wind, ebb and flow
  • Different types of surfboards and their use

Intermediate Surf Course Package – Level 2
This level suits you if you can paddle out on your own, but the waves are a challenge.

What you will learn:

  • Advanced surfing techniques and knowledge of power paddling
  • Better passage through waves that break
  • Long surfing on waves
  • Proper reading of the waves
Surfers on Oahu

Skater with surfboard

Hawaii surf spot with mountain scenery

Surfer on Oahu in Hawaii

Surf course Oahu

Sunset in Hawaii

Hawaii Oahu Surfer on North Shore

Surfers in Hawaii in left wave

Surf course at Diamonds Head


Hawaii Backdrop


Surfer in the surf course

Group picture on the surf beach


Hawaii Surf Adventure

Package includes:

  • 10 or 7 days accommodation in a private beach house
  • Multi-bed room with single beds
  • 2 healthy meals per day
  • 3-4x professional surf coaching
  • Surf equipment
  • Vide analysis
  • Surf training with skateboards, slackline and indoboard
  • Yoga Sessions and Stretching
  • Hike to waterfalls
  • Snorkeling with turtles and dolphins (without guarantee)
  • Adventure Tours on Oahu with professional tour guide
  • Photos and videos
  • Airport transfers on arrival & departure


Hawaii Surf Adventure 2020 | 10 days
Prices per person
April 5-14
CHF 2695
EUR 2385
31 May to 9 June
CHF 2695
EUR 2385
June 21-30
CHF 2695
EUR 2385
20 to 29 September
CHF 2695
EUR 2385
11. bis 20. Oktober
CHF 2695
EUR 2385
01. bis 10. November
CHF 2695
EUR 2385
06. bis 15. Dezember
CHF 2850
EUR 2520
Hawaii Surf Adventure 2020 | 7 days
Prices per person
05. bis 11. April
CHF 2185
EUR 1935
03. bis 09. Mai
CHF 2185
EUR 1935
22. bis 28. November
CHF 2185
EUR 1935


Airport transfers are included in the arrival/departure dates in the package. If you are already on site, an individual transfer can also be arranged.

Further information

Air temperature:22-30°C
Season: Surf is done all year round in Hawaii, the “Surf Adventures” take place on fixed dates.