Quick Facts

Camp opening July
Suitable for Solotravelers, Couples, Peaceseekers, Adventurers,
Water temperature 27-29°C
Additional offers Fishing, Snorkeling, BBQ, Island Hopping


The Sudden Rush Crew and surf-hungry guests will explore the best surf breaks in the Maldives’ South Atoll with the Blue Shark, a comfortable surfari boat. A surf boat trip of the highest class, limited to a maximum of 10 guests. First come, first surf!

The boat crew started with trips to the south in 2000 and has been going to the South Atoll every year since then. In short, they know the region like their back pocket and they are the most consistent provider of surfing trips in Huvadhoo Atoll.

The crew is delighted to be able to show guests empty, perfect waves, warm blue water and nature with their dolphins, turtles and sometimes even whale sharks. In addition to surfing, you spend time fishing, snorkeling, island hopping and BBQs.

In Huvadhoo Atoll we surf at the world-class surf spots in up to three surfing areas (depending on the swell and wind direction) in the north (Vilingili, Koodoo), west (coffee break, airports’) and south (Blue Bowls, Five Islands, Love Charms, Tiger Stripes, Beacons).

The entire crew is passionate, committed and always motivated to make your trip an extraordinary experience.

Blue Shark Surf Charter Maldives

Uncrowded Maldives Surf spot

Maldives Underwater World

Blue Shark Safari Boat

Maldives Surfers

Right wave in the South Atoll

Night Dinner on the Beach

Dolphins in the Maldives

Surf guests with local crew

Group picture with caught fish


The Blue Shark is a traditional Maldivian safari boat and perfect for surfing trips. It has an ideal size and offers plenty of space on board thanks to several decks. The boat is well equipped and well maintained. The professional and friendly crew is always there for the guests and thus allows a carefree surf boat trip.

The maximum capacity of the Blue Shark is 18 guests. However, we deliberately limit the capacity to 10 guests to guarantee maximum space and fewer people in the water.

A total of 6 single cabins and 2 double cabins are offered. Single travellers have the choice between a private single cabin or a shared double cabin (gender segregated), for couples and friends the double cabins are suitable.

  • Size: 29 meters length / 8.5 meters width
  • Cabins: 8 cabins with two single beds and air conditioning. The rooms are equipped with private toilet, shower and lavabo, wardrobe, bookshelf, chair and small table.
  • The crew: 9 people plus surf guide
  • Internet: free Wifi for internet access (fair use)
  • Common areas: large living room, several open and closed decks with chairs, several reading areas
  • Security: The safari boat is equipped with all modern safety equipment, such as sonar depth gauge, CB radio, GPS, mobile phones, searchlights, plotting tool kit, compass, map, standard safety equipment, first aid kit.

The safari boat offers one of the best surf dhonys in the Maldives, with plenty of space to store the surfboards. The dhony is also ideal for fishing, observing/photographing the waves or for a break between sessions.
The safari boat also has a Dhingy for short trips to and from the surfbreaks.

Bird's eye view of the Blue Shark

Blue Shark Surf Boat Charter

Chill Area on the Blue Shark

Sleeping bunk on the Blue Shark

Bathroom on the boat

Dining table on the outside deck

View from the Blue Shark on Island

Blue Shark Surf Boat

Surf Boat Charter in Huvadhoo


Surf Charter in the Evening Light


Huvadhoo Atoll, sometimes spelled Huvadhu, is located in the southernmost part of the Maldives and is one of the largest atolls in the world. Here, an empty surfbreak follows the next one! The atoll is divided into two administrative atolls, Gaafu Alif and Gaafu Dhaalu.

Basically, fewer surf boats and surf charters sail to this area, so that even the most popular spots in this region are less crowded than the northern atolls. The atoll has three different surfing areas, the north, the west and the southwest.

Popular surf spots among others: Thinadhoo, Coffee Break, Airports Left/Right, Beacons, Castaways, Blue Bowls, Five Islands, Two Ways, Love Charms, Tiger Stripes, Antiques, Kooddoo, Viligili.

Surf Level
The waves break over reef. However, there is always enough water on the reef at take-off, so you don’t have to be a professional. But you should find your way around the lineup on your own, know the basic rules and surf head-high waves to the right/left. And you should be able to duck dive. Basically, most spots are ideal to make further progress and perfect your surfing. But please note: There’s NO surf coaching.

There are all kinds of waves: lefts, rights, simple waves, more sophisticated barrel waves,.. something for everyone! And if it gets too heavy for you with a big swell, we will always find a suitable spot for you to surf. Since we have 12 hours of surfing time per day, we can make everyone on the boat happy.

Surfer with turn on right wave

Surfers in overhead wave

Surfer with Bottom Turn

Surfer paddles to the spot

Surfers on perfect wave

Surfers in Righthander Barrel

Surfers in Huvadhoo

Surfers with Duckdive

Surfers on the Dhony

Surf guide on left wave


Sudden Rush Maldives Boat Trip 2021

Dates: Exact dates will be announced in 2021

Package includes:

  • 13 nights accommodation in single or double cabin
  • 3 meals per day
  • Water, coffee and tea
  • Experienced surfguide + Sudden Rush Guide
  • Airport transfers from/to Kaadedhdhoo (KDM) or Kooddoo (CCC)
  • Wifi (fair use)

Not included:

  • Domestic Flights
  • Alcoholic drinks
Sudden Rush Maldives Boat Trip
Price per person
Double cabin
CHF 2895
EUR 2560
Single cabin
CHF 3175
EUR 2810


The Maldives can be found at males (MLE) international airport.
From Malé, you can take a domestic flight to Huvadhoo Atoll. Make sure you are in Male at 09.00am local time at the latest so we can arrange a domestic flight.
At the end of the Surf Boat Trip, we will take you off at the airport in Huvadhoo Atoll, from where you will fly to Male on a domestic flight. Your international flight should take off on Saturday no earlier than 7 p.m.

Domestic flights
Domestic flights to and from Huvadhoo Atoll are booked by us. This is mainly for the following reason: Sometimes we use Kooddoo Airport, sometimes Kaadedhdhoo Airport, depending on which region the waves are better. This means that we can change the flights at short notice to give you the best surfing experience. Domestic flights cost about USD 215.- each way and are not included in the package.

Further information

Health: Each inhabited island of the Maldives has a pharmacy, a doctor, a small clinic or a hospital. We are always a maximum of 30 minutes away from the nearest inhabited island, so we can ensure that the best possible care can be guaranteed in the event of an accident. In the event of serious cases, a rescue aircraft may also be organized for transport to Malé.
Since we are on a boat, the risk of infection with reef cuts etc. is very low. A medical first aid kit is available on the boat.
There are no mosquitoes on the boat, but there can be mosquitoes on the islands (but as long as you don’t go there, there’s no problem). The Maldives is considered malaria-free, so no prophylaxis is necessary. Yellow fever vaccination is also not necessary when arriving from Europe.

Internet: We offer internet on the boat (wireless Wifi router). Since there are no unlimited internet packages, we ask guests to use the internet appropriately (no Netflix and other video sites) and any automatic updates on the iPhone/Android phone/laptop/etc. Disable. So you should make all the necessary updates and have movies with you before you arrive. If you need a local SIM card and/or a private internet connection, you can stock up at the airport in Male after arriving at the shops of the two providers Dhiraagu and Ooredo.