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Camp opening March - November
Suitable for Solotravelers, Families, Couples, Peaceseekers, Groups,
Additional offers Snorkeling, Fishing, Island Hopping, Yoga, Wellness, Mountain Bike


The Beach Resort is the ideal place to enjoy an unforgettable holiday as a couple, family or with a group of friends. In addition to the dream wave on your doorstep, the resort offers countless activities thanks to a volleyball field, ping pong, billiards, football goals, yoga platform, spa area and a pool. Here it will definitely never be boring and for relaxing hours there are of course also comfortable sun loungers under the palm trees. In addition, guests are always able to find two boats incl. boat guides, be it to go to the surf spots, fish or to make trips to the offshore islands. Due to the incredibly warm staff and the family atmosphere, you will feel at home here from the first day!

About the island
Rote Island (Indonesian: Pulau Rote, also known as Roti) is an island in Indonesia that belongs to the province of East Nusa Tenggara of the small Sunda Islands. The island is located in the southwest of the larger island of Timor and has an area of 1,200 km2. To the north is the Savu Lake and to the south is the Timor Sea. To the west are Savu and Sumba.

The uninhabited island of Ndana, south of Rote, is the southernmost island in Indonesia with an area of 14 km2. Together with several other nearby small islands, such as the island of Ndao, it forms the Kabupaten (Regency) of the Red Ndao Regeneration, which had 119,711 inhabitants in the 10th census in 2010.

Rote, the southernmost island of Indonesia, is also the driest region in Indonesia. It is not uncommon for there to be no rain for several months during the dry season. Most of the rain falls in short periods with heavy rains during the rainy season. This area can also be a few degrees cooler than other areas of Indonesia.


  1. The familiar atmosphere and strong sense of community, both among the guests and with the whole team
  2. Thanks to two fast boats, guests can go surfing at any time and also to different spots. Definitely the best boat service on the island!
  3. The best and most constant wave on the island (Nemberala Left) is right on the doorstep
  4. Apart from the playing facilities such as billiards, ping pong and volleyball, the daily yoga and spa area is an absolute highlight!
Surf Rack at Nemberala Beach Resort on Red

Perfect Swell in T-Land

Local Kid in Red

Drink with sea view and palm trees

SUP Trip to Red Island

Surf Boat Trip Red

Surfergirls on the Beach

Nemberala Beach Resort 10 13 2014 Photo: Beau Pilgrim www.beaupilgrim.com

Red Local with Fish

Red Island Sunset with Fisherman

Chilling at Nemberala Beach Resort

Horses on Red Island

Sundowner Red Island Nemberala

Beach Resort Bar with a view of T-Land

Backside spray T-Land

Fun Surf Session T-Land Kevin Völkle

Table tennis at Nemberala Beach Resort

Chilling and reading by the pool

SUP Trip to the Mangroves on Red

Bike Trip on Red Island

SUP Trip Timor Red Island

Nemberala Beach Resort, Rote, Indonesia. (Wednesday, October 4 2017) The surf was in the 1'- 2' range this morning with the odd larger set. Guests surfed T-Land early then around the the early afternoon high tide. The wind stayed light from the SW most of the day. Some of the guests went standup paddling at the mangroves on the southern end of the island. Photo: joliphotos

Boccia game in the sand

Sunset Yoga Session at Nemberala Beach Resort

Island Hopping with Family


Built by craftsmen from Java and Red with local quarry stone, regional hardwoods and traditional roofs, the design, and architecture of all the facilities correspond to the traditional flair of the region.

Enjoy private and spacious bungalows
The villas are duplex bungalows, i.e. each house two rooms (each with its own bathroom), which can be connected on request by an interior door, e.g. for families or groups of friends. Each room is air-conditioned and has two large ceiling fans. In addition, slat windows provide a natural land or sea breeze with pleasant temperatures. Each room is equipped with bedside tables, lamps, a large free-standing closet, seating, and luggage storage.

Private Bathroom
The private bathrooms are decorated with local stone and hardwood and offer modern and Western comforts. Freshwater is an important resource in this region of Indonesia so that the water pressure is generated by gravity from flood tanks exposed to the daily sun. Showers and sinks are supplied by water with island temperature. Fresh towels are available at all times.

The meals at the are a highlight and something of which the management and the kitchen staff are very proud. Over the years, various menus have been developed, further developed and redesigned to make the most of local and imported products for a variety of Indonesian and Western dishes.

All meals are included in the package prices for surfers and non-surfers. We promise: No one has ever complained about going to bed hungry at the Beach Resort!

* We are happy to receive special requests for guests with special dietary needs, please inform us in advance about your wishes and we will do our best to meet you.

Facilities and amenities
In addition to the 8 large, well-appointed guest rooms, the resort offers a variety of other facilities, amenities and amenities to enhance the dining experience. In addition to the restaurant & bar area, there is also a spa, a pool with sun loungers, a volleyball field, a games bungalow with billiards, ping pong & darts as well as an equipment bungalow with fishing routes, snorkeling equipment, surfboards and bikes. Whether you are looking for relaxation or action, here everyone will find their paradise!

Pool at Nemberala Beach Resort

Beach Bar Nemberala Beach Resort

Nemberala Beach Resort Pool and Bungalow

Sun loungers and pool with sea view

Dinner with paradisiacal sea view

Nemberala Beach Resort Bungalows on Red

Double room Red Island Nemberala

Outdoor Bathroom Nemberala Beach Resort Red

Luxury Double Room Nemberala Beach Red

Cocktail at Nemberala Beach Resort

Dessert at the resort

Bungalow made of local stone

Billiards at Nemberala Beach Resort

Equipment for activities at Nemberala Resort

Yoga session in the evening

Yoga at the Beach Resort on Red

Nemberala Beach Resort, Rote, Indonesia. (Saturday, October 7 2017) The surf was in the 3' -4' range this morning. Guests surfed T-Land early then around the low tide. The wind was light early from the SE but strengthen during the day. Photo: joliphotos

Massage and wellness at the Beach Resort


The dry season of Indonesia corresponds to the southern Swell months from April to mid-October. The rainy season and most of the rainfall takes place from November to February/March. However, as Indonesia runs more than 4,000 miles from north to south and crosses the equator, Indonesia’s many islands experience different climates and different amounts of annual rainfall.

Similar to the rest of Indonesia, Red and surrounding islands catch all the southern to southwestern swells that cross Antarctica and move from below South Africa to southwest Australia. Although there can be good waves all year round, the peak season is the period from March to November, with the largest swells usually arriving from May to September/October.

From May to mid-September there are usually ESE trade winds, which can sometimes blow a little more strongly. This wind direction is a favorable offshore direction at Nemberala and some of the other surf spots on Red and neighboring islands.

At the beginning and end of the high season, i.e. March/April and mid-September to October, a lighter and more variable wind pattern is apparent, with the wind possible from almost any direction, so you can expect some “glassy days”.

The nice thing about this region is that regardless of the wind direction, 1-2 spots always work perfectly. Here is a list of the well-known surf spots in the immediate vicinity (but of course there are several other breaks, which can be explored and surfed by the guests):

Nemberala Left is the mainbreak in front of the resort and arguably the best wave in this region of Indonesia. Due to its similarity to the famous wave on Java, G-Land, the spot is also known as T-Land. However, it is definitely a slightly softer and more “user-friendly” wave than its namesake. The dot-shaped reef is about 400 meters long and divided into four separate take-off zones, from top to bottom: The point, the Steeple, Magic Mountain and Inner Tubes.

Bommie is a section of reef on the north side of the large Nemberala Canal. Although the Bommie is a right/left peak, the left is rarely surfed because it is not as clean as the right, which ends in a deep water channel. Here the lower the tide, the better the wave.

Suckies, or Sucky Mamas is a 10-minute boat ride north of Nemberala. Suckies is an often hollow right-handed, but at a higher tide it can also be a thicker, steeper wave. Suckies is a shorter wave and best at mid-tide.

Boa is accessible with a 15-minute boat transfer, but can also be reached via overland transfer. This is a more challenging wave that is best surfed at mid-tide. The wave begins with a steep drop and a barrel section, which opens to a dreamlike down-the-line wall.

Do’o, a wave of right-wing at a nearby island of the same name. This is a moody wave that breaks best during the off-season and transition season when the southerly winds blow ashore.

Given the additional cost of travelling internationally with surfboards, many guests choose to take advantage of our offer of over 30 boards of all shapes and sizes: Fish, Short, Hybrid, Guns and Longboards are available. You can replace the boards every day or even throughout the day, depending on what is available. If you wish to reserve a specific board before your arrival, this is also possible. The rental price is CHF 20 / EUR 18 per day. In case of damage, you will be charged for the repair directly on site.

T-Land Sunset Session

Perfect Backside Snap in T-Land

Happy Surfer Simone Lacher

Surfers in Barrel on Red Timor

Perfect Left Wave T-Land Red

Kevin Völkle with Turn in T-Land

Barrel Surfer on Red Island Timor

Longboarder surfs Red Island

Surfer in barrel on red

Boardrack at the Beach Resort on Red

Powerful Righthanders on Red Island

Surfer waits for the next wave

Nemberala Beach Resort, Rote, Indonesia. (Friday, August 25 2017) The surf was in the 3'-4' range this morning from the southwest. There were good waves around the 7.30 am low tide. As the tide began to fill in the surf pulsed a little and the SE Trades strengthen making it difficult to surf. Photo: joliphotos

Nick Clark surfs T-Land

Nemberala Beach Resort, Rote, Indonesia. (Friday, August 25 2017) Nick Clark (USA) - The surf was in the 3'-4' range this morning from the southwest. There were good waves around the 7.30 am low tide. As the tide began to fill in the surf pulsed a little and the SE Trades strengthen making it difficult to surf. Photo: joliphotos

Righthander Wave in Indonesia

Nemberala Beach Resort, Rote, Indonesia. (Friday, September 1 2017) The surf was in the 5'-6' range this morning with larger sets on a long period swell from the southwest. Guests headed out for a surf on first light . Some headed to T-Land while others headed to an uncrowded Sucky Mama's and the sessions lasted right through to low tide. The South East Trade winds stayed light till late morning before strengthening but conditions stayed good all day. Photo: joliphotos

Perfect Pointbreak T-Land on Red in Indonesia

Nemberala Beach Resort, Rote, Indonesia. (Tuesday, September 5 2017) The surf was in the 4' plus range this morning from the south - southwest. Guests headed out to headed to T-Land for a surf on first light . The South East Trade winds stayed light early morning before getting stronger during the day. Photo: joliphotos

Kevin Völkle hopes for a small barrel


Premium Bungalow – Bedroom with private bathroom

Package included:

  • Air-conditioned accommodation (AC & Fan)
  • Private outdoor bathroom
  • Full use of resort facility & equipment
  • Four meals a day
  • Tea, Coffee & Water
  • Transfers to all spots in the area – max. 25 minutes by boat (only included in the surfer package)
Prices per person / per night
Single bedroom
CHF 285
EUR 250
CHF 245
EUR 215
Double room (double bed or 2 single beds)
CHF 200
EUR 175
CHF 175
EUR 155


The journey to Rote starts with the arrival in Bali. Most guests have an intermediate night in Bali due to the flight schedules. From Bali, a short 75-minute domestic flight follows Kupang, West Timor, the capital of Indonesia’s East Nusa Tenggara province. And from Kupang finally a short flight or the ferry to Rote.

Route Arrival: Bali> – Kupang -> Red

You will always be welcomed, cared for and transferred by the resort staff in Kupang and on arrival in Rote. Regardless of whether you are travelling by plane or ferry. The team helps transfer guests between flights or to hotels and on the ferry to ensure a pleasant and carefree experience.

Further information


We have a complete range of yoga equipment (mats, blocks, blankets) and plenty of space to practice daily. The equipment is available to all guests free of charge. If you want to attend yoga sessions/lessons daily or according to a set schedule, you can also arrange fixed lessons. During the high season, yoga lessons are currently offered 5times per week (10 dollars per session).

The 90-minute massage is unbeatable and an absolute must, whether surfer or non-surfer. The demand for spa treatments is very high, so it is definitely worth booking several treatments right at the beginning of your stay.

Chilling and relaxing is of course also part of the holiday activities. The resort has some particularly good options: by the pool with book, in a hammock under a shade tree, on the large upholstered chairs and sofa next to the bar, or simply at the bar with your favorite cocktail overlooking the beach and the reef.

Yoga, reiki, meditation and activities are complemented by special juices and smoothies from the restaurant bar. The smoothie menu changes over the course of the season depending on the fruit and vegetables available at the local farmers market.


Cruise comfortably along the streets and single-tracks or meander through villages up the hill to the lake. Hildi, our adventure & yoga manager, has been exploring the island for 20 years, and as she puts it: “I still discover new paths and routes every year. I love getting lost because it’s really not hard to be found again!”.

Red has many kilometers of dirt roads and paths with little to no traffic. Options range from rather flat coastal roads stretching along the length of the island to hilly “fire roads” and single-lane technical rides. A popular destination is the lake in the middle of the island. For more demanding excursions we are happy to send a guide on request, but most routes can be done without any problems. There are currently 7 bicycles available.

The local reef and the mangrove estuaries are very popular excursion destinations, which can be explored comfortably with SUP. Prior knowledge is not necessary. On request, SUP can also be combined with yoga.

There are three other islands near Rote: Donna, Do’a and N’Doa. Each of these islands is unique in its own way, so a visit to all or at least one of them is absolutely recommended.

The red experience is not complete without getting to know the people, their culture and the environment. The resort is located on the outskirts of the village of Nemberala and is a good starting point for accompanied as well as independent tours.

Visiting this remote part of the world, it’s almost a must to discover the pristine oceanic underwater world. Due to the large tidal movement and the surfing activity in front of the resort, snorkelling in the immediate surroundings is not recommended. However, there are some lagoon areas that are just a short overland or boat trip away and offer spectacular views of this underwater wonderland. You can see colorful corals, reef fish, larger pelagic species, beautiful mussels that still live with their inhabitants, as well as squid or lobster.

When snorkelling from the boat, you can let yourself drift with the current to easily cover a larger area; all the time under the supervision of the boat driver. The resort is equipped with different sizes of masks, snorkels and fins.

We recommend to enthusiasts and experienced snorkelers to bring their own equipment. And for guests who want to engage with spear fishing, there are some particularly good areas for large Dog Tooth tuna. For divers we can organize dives by a local provider, but there is no decompression chamber on red or timor.

Fishing in this area of Indonesia and Lake Timor can be among the best in the world. Due to the low commercial fishing, the sea is rich in numerous species. The most common fish species are mackerel, trevally, wahoo, dog-toothed tuna, yellowfin tuna, grouper, sea fish, sailfish and marlin.

45 minutes from the village are all our fishing grounds. Although many Spanish mackerel and some small tuna can be fished right in front of the reef in front of the resort, our hot spots like Dog Tooth Alley, 8 Mile Reef and The Gathering Spot are our hot spots.

Important: Although the larger boats with center console are good for fishing, we cannot always guarantee the availability of these boats, as their main purpose is the efficient execution of the surfing program.