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Suitable for Solotravelers, Families, Couples, Peaceseekers, Adventurers, Groups,
Water temperature 24-29°C
Additional offers National Park, Kayak, Snorkeling, Spa, Massages


On this ship, each journey is a timeless, unforgettable adventure through some of the most remote and beautiful landscapes in the world. Accompanied by experienced guides on a ship built for exploration and designed for comfort, the Kudanil Explorer gives you a tailor-made journey through this fascinating archipelago.


  1. Luxurious ship with excellent service, first-class equipment and spacious, comfortable cabins (incl. balcony!)
  2. The massive ship and the super experienced crew guarantee a maximum of safety
  3. A professional surf guide is always on board and leads the guests to the best spots in this surf paradise
  4. The perfect combination of surf spirit and luxury. For guests who love the simplicity of surfing, but at the same time do not want to miss a certain comfort and service
Kudanil Explorer with archipelago in Indonesia

View of islands in Indonesia

Kudanil Explorer in Papua New Guinea

Traditional village in Nusa Tenggara

Boys in Papua on their canoe

Waterfall in the jungle of Indonesia

Kudanil Explorer and Sandstand

Canoe excursion in turquoise water

Kudanil Explorer anchors off an island

Guests explore a secluded beach

A group of dolphins in Papua New Guinea

Divers with whale sharks in Papua New Guinea

Yoga Session on the Kudanil Explorer

Fishing boat on a remote beach in Indonesia

Local woman with her child in Papua New Guinea

Local fishermen in Papua New Guinea


The Kudanil Explorer is a luxurious yacht that can accommodate 16 guests in 8 spacious and first-class cabins. It offers an area of 1000sqm, which is only available to guests. As you travel through the most remote areas of Indonesia, 21 crew members take care of the smooth running and well-being of the guests. The structure and construction of the ship as an Ex Safety Standby Vessel makes it one of the safest maritime opportunities in the region and allows it to enter areas of the archipelago that other boats cannot reach.

Luxurious double room on the Kudanil Explorer

Hallway on the Kudanil Explorer

Breakfast on the Luxury Surf Charter

Living room on luxurious surf yacht

Kudanil Explorer at a secluded bay

Double room with private balcony

Double room with double bed on Kudanil Explorer

Whirlpool on the sun deck

Whirlpool and covered dining table

Stylish lounge on the Kudanil Explorer

Common room with sofas

Ship deck with bar

Covered tables on the deck

Massage area on the Surf Yacht


Experience surf breaks off the beaten track! The areas covered by the Kudanil Explorer offer perfect conditions and very accessible waves, away from the surf hotspots of Indonesia. We surf the hidden breaks of Rote, Savu, Sumba as well as Papua and other islands delivering tropical perfection for just your and your friends.

Nusa Tenggara Timur (East Nusa Tenggara) is a province with more than 500 islands and an eco-region with high biodiversity, a rich marine fauna and smoking volcanoes. The region is best known for the islands of Komodo National Park and its Komodo dragons. Still a bit off the radar, the lesser known south of NTT is blessed with world-class surf. Depending on your itinerary, we make our way from Timor via Rote and Savu all the way to Sumba (or surf just around Sumba for a shorter trip), to explore uncrowded surf breaks but also to discover picturesque villages and witness pristine nature. We relax on deserted beaches, encounter waterfalls, experience ikat traditions, local cultural practices and enjoy warm welcomes and waves in rarely-visited places.

The unique endemic flora and fauna of Papua were key to Wallace’s understanding of the evolution of species – he proposed the theory of natural selection at the same time as Darwin who was motivated to publish after reading Wallace’s reports from Indonesia. This fascinating biodiversity that holds the secret to our existence can still be witnessed today. Enjoy world-class surf in crystal-clear waters magnificent marine life and fascinating landscape while riding waves with just your friends out. Explore Papua discover more than just waves local villages undisturbed nature rainforest beachcombing pristine coral and lagoons ideal for a SUP excursion. Unforgettable hikes and stunning panoramas karst pinnacles and lagoons sunset drinks on white-sand beaches await in-between sessions and only add to what you really came for: empty perfect waves!

Surfers in Barrel

Surfer with Bottom Turn

Equipment for activities on Kudanil Explorer

Bottom Turn during Surf Boat Trip with the Kudanil Explorer

Turn in perfect Indo Surf conditions

Happy Surfer in the lineup

Uncrowded Surf Session in Indonesia

Wave with a view of the luxury Surf Vessel

Happy Surfers in the lineup with Kudanil Explorer in the background

Kudanil Explorer at Spot Check

Empty Waves in Indonesia

Surfer with rainbow during Sunset Session


If your desired date or region does not match our schedule below, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Prices on request.

26.01. - 02.01.2020
Sorong - Sorong
Raja Ampat
05.02. - 12.02.2020
Sorong - Sorong
Raja Ampat
15.02. - 22.02.2020
Sorong - Sorong
Raja Ampat
25.02. - 03.02.2020
Sorong - Sorong
Raja Ampat
03.04. - 10.04.2020
Labuan Bajo - Tambolaka
Sumba / NTT
17.04. - 27.04.2020
Labuan Bajo - Tambolaka
Sumba / NTT
09.05. - 20.05.2020
Labuan Bajo - Kupang
Sumba / NTT
23.05. - 03.06.2020
Kupang - Tambolaka
Sumba / NTT
08.08. - 15.08.2020
Kupang - Kupang
18.08. - 25.08.2020
Kupang - Kupang


The journey is individual, depending on the route chosen.

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If your desired date or region does not match our schedule below, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.