Quick Facts

Camp opening Year
Suitable for Solotravelers, Couples, Peaceseekers, Adventurers, Groups,
Water temperature 26-29°C
Additional offers Snorkeling, Fishing, Spearfishing


Throw your everyday life overboard to live in harmony with nature and the waves! We are fulfilling a dream and want to share it with you and experience it together. We are awaiting world-class waves, incredible secret spots and certainly the most beautiful beaches you have ever seen. Sit down, read our routes in peace and plan your dream trip with us. Follow your passion!


  1. Uncrowded surf spots, nowhere do you surf as intensively as on a boat trip!
  2. The long-time and extremely experienced crew knows the islands and the sea like the back of their hand. And the skipper always knows where the best waves are breaking
  3. The best food you can wish for on a surf trip
  4. Pure nature: Beautiful islands, enchanting underwater world and a fantastic starry sky at night!
Rudi at Sama Sama

Secret Spot in Indonesia

Surfers are waiting for the next set

Dolphin during the Indo Boat Trip

Friendly locals in Indonesia

Uncrowded surf spot at the Moluccas Boat Trip

Birds in the Moluccas

Surf Boat Trip in the Moluccas

Surfer waves to the Surf Boat

Sunset Session at the Indo Boat Trip

Single Fin Surf in the Moluccas


The ship is a 24-metre long, traditional motor glider made of high-quality teak and iron wood, equipped with modern navigation and safety systems and a dinghy. Three delicious meals are served daily: the menu includes varied Asian and Western dishes, home-baked bread and freshly caught fish. The sun deck invites you to dream, for example in the shade of the sun sail, where you can enjoy the magnificent view of the Indian Ocean and the pleasant sea breeze.

Breakfast at the Indo Surf Boat Trip

Fresh bread on the Boat Trip

Sunset from the boat

Sunset from the deck with sail

Covered table on the Sama Sama


We offer surf trips throughout the Indonesian archipelago, including the more well-known areas of Java, Sumbawas and Sumatra. However, we specialise in the more remote and less explored areas of Indonesia. These include the eastern islands around Sumba and Timor, as well as the exotic and mystical Moluccas that receive their waves from the Pacific instead of the Indian Ocean.

Nusa Tenggara (Kupang / Roti / Sabu / Raijua / Mengduku / Sumba)
Nusa Tenggara or ‘Eastern Little Sunda Islands’ is an almost forgotten Indonesian province that has an incredible number of waves to offer, without the hype of other famous surfing areas. With over 500 islands, local know-how is an absolute must on the entire journey. Lefts and rights, hollow or mellow – the wave offer is endless. Thanks to the optimally exposed location in the Indian Ocean, swells are received from 180 to 270 degrees. In addition to surfing, pristine beaches, fascinating dive sites and megalithic villages from the Stone Age are on the agenda.

Sumbawa / Lombok / Bali
World-famous spots and lesser-known jewels. Lakey Peak, Super Suck, Scar Reef, Yo-Yo’s and Desert Point. These are the famous waves on this route, but if you explore the eastern area of Nusa Tenggara a little more closely, you will come across a host of other waves that offer equally fantastic surfing conditions. Look forward to varied pointbreaks, wind-protected mechanical perfection, exposed swell magnets – a quite wave-rich area that is usually explored on land.

The Moluccas, also known as Spice Islands, are located in the Pacific Ocean and are surrounded by Sulawesi, New Guinea, and North & East Timor. For the past six years, the crew has been bringing motivated guests (from November to March) to the deserted surf spots of the mysterious and breathtaking Moluccas. It is the only regular charter boat on this fascinating route. Our detailed research to understand complex location and condition variables has enabled us to provide our guests with an unforgettable adventure. Look forward to a mix of fast reefbreaks, more cosy beach breaks and hidden pointbreaks of all sizes. Our previous guests even had the honour to name some of the spots we first discovered!

Explorer and individual trips for surfers, families and nature enthusiasts
In addition to perfect waves, the Indonesian archipelago offers unique and unspoilt landscapes as well as a spectacular underwater world. Since we want to share our most beautiful experiences, we offer surfers, families and nature enthusiasts individual boat trips. The focus is on boat lifestyle including campfires, hiking, snorkelling and fishing. If you are interested, please ask for an early request. We are happy to advise you on individual planning.

Surfer in perfect Indo wave

Surfer in the water

Sunset Surf Session in Nusa Tenggara

Surfers in the lineup in Nusa Tenggara

Surferwith a view of perfect wave

Surfer surf wave in Sumba

Glassy Wave at the Moluccas Boat Trip

Drop in on the Moluccas

Surfers in barrels in the Moluccas

Surfer with Bottom Turn in Nusa Tenggara

Sunset Surf Session in Sumba

Surfers with Bottom Turn in Indonesia


Included in the Indo Boat Trip
Full board (three meals a day), drinking water/tea/coffee, surf spot guiding, snorkeling equipment and unforgettable time!

Not included in the price, but organized by us: transportation to and from the respective port, soft drinks, and alcoholic beverages.

Dates & prices for the season 2020 / 2021 follow.


Flight: From CHF 800 / EUR 700 to Denpasar, Bali. Information and booking at Sudden Rush.
Not included in the price: Transportation to and from the boat, as well as any domestic flights required (depending on the route).

Further information

Surf level: The Boat Trips are only suitable for advanced surfers (safe take-off)
Season for surfing: all year long
Climate: Average temperature of air and water 28°C, rainy season from January-March. The Trip Maluku Islands is in the north of Indonesia (Pacific), i.e. north of the equator! There falls despite the rainy season in Indonesia, then little rain. That’s why we’re going to this destination at this time.
Boards: On boat trip, the board is not included. High-quality rental boards in the size 5’9 to 9’1 – rent per week EUR 50 / per day EUR 10. New board from 350 EUR to buy