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Sudden Rush Banked Slalom

From 03 to 05 March Sudden Rush Guarana and LAAX presents the outstanding and playful Sudden Rush Banked Slalom LAAX 2017 hosted by legendary Nicolas Müller & Terje Haakonsen.

A true soul-snowboarder-event with legendary snowboarders, surfers, park-rippers, young-guns, Mamas and Papas with kids. Everybody rides the same course with a big smile on their face. The course is in a full natural couloir with big turns and steep walls.

“Its not about to win, of course we want to be fast but in the end of the day we are all winners with a smile and beautifull memories.”

About Banked
Banked is the oldest and most real snowboard competition, inspired by skateboarding and surfing. It almost feels like surfing a perfect line in a wave with ups and downs.
This event is far away from true competitive snowboarding – its more a gathering and enjoying – riding beautiful turns in vertical walls and the feeling coming close to surfing.

Win a Surftrip

A lot of cool prizes are waiting for the winners of the Banked Slalom. But that is not even all… you can even win a Surftrip to Spain without joining the race. This weekend you will find our competition coupons at the Café NoName and the Indy Bar. Fill in the form, throw it in the right box and who knows, you could be lucky and soon be spending a week in the “Sudden Rush Surfcamp Zarautz” on the north coast of Spain.


For more information on the event check:

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Ride on!