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Indonesia “Mentawai Surfcharter”

We put you in the right place at the right time!



from CHF 850 / EUR 700

whole year

full board, fishing, snorkeling, barrels

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  • Mentawai Surfcharter

    Since 2008 the company has been operating mind-blowing boat trips in the Mentawais, Indonesia. Our mission is to offer a high quality service and provide our guests a unique surf experience in the most consistent and world class surf destination in Indonesia. We also extend our trips to Nias, Telos, Banyaks and Hinako islands.

    The boats are built from surfers for surfers, which means that we have all the bumps smoothed out. Spending most of our time on board, we know the importance of getting to places safely, eating well, finding the best waves and keeping the cold beer flowing. So you can just kick back, relax and focus solely on your next surfing session at perfect waves!

    Most of our local crew members have been part of our team from the beginning. All these years working together has taught them the importance of generating the best experience to our guests through a friendly sparing no efforts teamwork.

    In addition, our qualified land-based staff is always available working side by side with our Agents to assist through the whole booking process, maintaining frequent communication and providing fresh content of what is happening at the moment in the Ments and surroundings.

    The boat departs from Padang, West Sumatra. Our staff picks up the guests as they arrive at the airport and drive them to the boat (early arrivals will be accommodated on a Hotel until the right time, no extra cost). We leave the port at dusk. The crossing time depends on the weather conditions and each boat speed, arriving at the islands with the first rays of sun.

    Before the boat departs, the surf guide will have a meeting with all the guests to explain the rules and safety procedures on board, also about surf behaviour and the forecast swell.

    The next days we will cruise around the arquipelago hunting down for the best surf conditions that it has to offer. The surf guides on board are dedicated and experienced surfers with large local knowledge and will spare no efforts to take the boat to the right surf spot on time.

    The trip has no fixed route as the surf conditions can change at any minute, our crew is always aware of the swell forecast and will be updating everybody on board about the surf conditions and what they are planning according to the swell and the level of the surfers aboard.

    The captain will make long crossings mostly during the night, so that the clients can get to spend more time surfing during the day. In case of staying on the same spot for more than a day, we will anchor at a nearby safe and quiet bay for sleeping.

    Although surfing is the main activity, there are many other things to do during a trip. The islands have plenty tasteful fish swimming around, and some exciting catches always happens during the trip.

    The archipelago is one of the most stunning locations on earth, most of the islands have beautiful white sand beaches and coconut trees, surrounded by crystal clear waters, live coral reefs and a large variety of marine life, offering that perfect set-up for a snorkeling or just explore the beaches between surf sessions.

  • Boats

    A surf-dedicated boat built on a very high standard, Moon Palikir is a 100-foot vessel especially designed for charters with powerful twin engines and fully equipped to hunt down the best waves around the archipelago.

    Moon Palikir is one of the fastest boats operating in the islands, which make it easy to dislocate between surf spots becoming ideal for extended charters all over Sumatra. We also have an 18-foot speedboat ready to change to another surf spot in case of a wind swing and a 12-foot tender for support during surf sessions.

    With a large external deck, Moon Palikir offers a spacious area to chill and relax during the day and is equipped with a barbecue on the top deck for a sunset time celebration. Carefully designed and tastefully finished, the spacious interior main room with air-con and a 42” TV is equipped with professional coffee machine and plenty of room for the guests to chill out and have great meals.

    The amount of space and sleeping arrangements is a welcome break from the dorm style accommodation adopted by many vessels operating in the region. The boat has five air-con sleeping cabins with comfortable bunks for two and four guests.

    The boat can fit 14 passengers but we kept it for 12 • 5 Cabins (4 cabins with 2 single bunks + 1 cabin with 4 single bunks) • 9 x Air Conditioning • 42” Plasma TV / Home Theatre • Video CD player / DVD player • 2x Shower and Toilet • Barbecue • 18-foot speedboat/engine 115 HP • 12-foot tender/engine 15HP • Snorkeling Gear • Fishing Gear • Kayak • Standup Paddle

    Length Overall (LOA): 35m
    Bean: 6.5 m
    Construction: Fiberglass Hull
    Marine Engine: Twin Engine Nissan RF10 420HP
    Top speed: 15 Knots
    Cruise speed: 12 knots
    Generator: 2 x colt diesel PS100 40KW
    Electrical points: 220v power
    Registration: Indonesian Flag
    Navigation & Safety equipment:
    Radar - 24 Mile Range
    GPS plotter - Depth Sounder/Fish Founder
    Radios - HF/SSB, VHF Radios
    Life Jackets
    Life Ring with MOB Lights
    Life raft for 20 People
    Satellite Phone Available
    First Aid Kit

    Built in 2018 under same standards of his older brother Moon Palikir, this boat was thought thru every single detail to offer our guests the ultimate level in comfort and style on board a surf charter. This boat operates in Banyaks, North Sumatra but can occasionally sail south to Telos and Mentawais.
    More details soon..

    We can proudly say we count with an amazingly committed and friendly crew. Well trained and ready to look after our guests from the moment they step in the boat, our staff is always ready for action in any situation.

    Our local captains are qualified Indonesian skippers with large local knowledge. The deck-hands understand completely the importance of our guests’ equipment and handle it with the proper care. They are always prompt to give all support needed before, during and after each surf session.

    Our boats are fully equipped with high-tech navigation and safety equipment to be always ahead and prepared for any adverse situation that may or not occur. We are aware of all the risks of living on board so we believe all precautions are strictly necessary to guarantee the success of our trips and the safety and comfort of our guests. Our crew is well trained to deal with emergencies and we follow a strict rule about medical assistance in case of accident with one of our guests or crew member. Read more in our Policy.


  • Surf

    Thanks to its location in the middle of the Indian Ocean, this area picks up a large amount of swell which makes it one of the most consistent surf destinations in the world.

    The owners of the boat are also the surf guides in most of the trips, and they are experienced and dedicated surfers keen to navigate that extra mile chasing the best surf conditions every day.

    They have an interest in ensuring your trip runs smoothly and that you are kept happy along the way.  With an in-depth and vast local knowledge, they are welcome to share with you where’s the best spot for current conditions, the forecast, tips on wave behavior, tides, reef characteristics, local culture etc. We are stoked to get you stoked!

    Your trip is in safe hands with the expert crew and owner-operators, devoted to chasing the best surf these islands can offer on a daily basis.

    Waves we visit: Maccaronis | Telescopes | Lance's | Rags | Kandui | The Hole | Roxy | Thunders | Many many more...


    Our team of surf guides are experienced surfers with plenty of local experience keen to navigate that extra mile after the best surf conditions. They are the managers on board, ready to coordinate the whole logistic to guarantee the success of the trip. They will be the link between guests and crew.

    In addition, they have training on first-aid and lifesaving to assist in any emergency situation. Dedicated surfers as they are, hunt down good waves is what they love and you can be sure that they will put you in the right place at the right time!


    Moments to keep forever. We work with a selected team of professional surf photographers/videomakers to register all the special moments during the trip.

    They work with top quality equipment to shoot from all different angles including from the water.

    The photo/video packages include high resolution images from surfing, boat life and landscape so our guests can take home the best memories from their trip.


    12 night cruise on surf charter.

    • Transfers airport-boat-airport in Padang
    • Air-con accommodation
    • All meals on board, including snacks and fruits
    • Filtered water, juices and soft drinks
    • 15 cartons of Bintang per trip (more available at extra cost)
    • Surfguide onboard
    • Use of equipment for fishing and snorkeling
    • Speed-boat and tender boat

    • Photo package (available at extra cost)
    • Govmt Mentawai Surf Tax: RUPIAH 1.000.000 (about US$70)
    • Other alcohol (BYO Spirits)
    • Personal expenses
    • Tips for the crew
    • Spending money
    • Flights, VISA and Airport fees


    SCHEDULE 2019

    dates nights status price per person
    04.03. - 16.03.2019 12 fully booked CHF 2990
    EUR 2690
    15.04. - 27.04.2019 12 fully booked CHF 2990
    EUR 2690
    29.04. - 11.05.2019 12 fully booked CHF 3420
    EUR 3000
    20.06. - 02.07.2019 12 fully booked CHF 3420
    EUR 3000
    18.07. - 30.07.2019 12 fully booked CHF 3420
    EUR 3000
    01.08. - 13.08.2019 12 fully booked CHF 3420
    EUR 3000
    15.08. - 27.08.2019 12 available CHF 3420
    EUR 3000
    29.08. - 10.09.2019 12 available CHF 3420
    EUR 3000
    12.09. - 24.09.2019 12 available CHF 3420
    EUR 3000
    26.09. - 08.10.2019 12 available CHF 3420
    EUR 3000
    10.10. - 22.10.2019 12 fully booked CHF 3420
    EUR 3000
    07.11. - 19.11.2019 12 fully booked CHF 2990
    EUR 2690


    dates nights status price per person
    01.03. - 13.03.2019 12 fully booked CHF 2850
    EUR 2550
    15.03. - 27.03.2019 12 fully booked CHF 2850
    EUR 2550
    29.03. - 10.04.2019 12 fully booked CHF 2850
    EUR 2550
    12.04. - 24.04.2019 12 fully booked CHF 2850
    EUR 2550
    29.05. - 10.06.2019 12 fully booked CHF 3250
    EUR 2900
    12.06. - 24.06.2019 12 available CHF 3250
    EUR 2900
    26.06. - 08.07.2019 12 fully booked CHF 3250
    EUR 2900
    10.07. - 22.07.2019 12 fully booked CHF 3250
    EUR 2900
    24.07. - 05.08.2019 12 fully booked CHF 3250
    EUR 2900
    07.08. - 19.08.2019 12 fully booked CHF 3250
    EUR 2900
    21.08. - 02.09.2019 12 fully booked CHF 3250
    EUR 2900
    04.09. - 16.09.2019 12 available CHF 3250
    EUR 2900
    18.09. - 30.09.2019 12 fully booked CHF 3250
    EUR 2900
    02.10. - 14.10.2019 12 fully booked CHF 3250
    EUR 2900
    16.10. - 28.10.2019 12 fully booked CHF 2850
    EUR 2550
    30.10. - 11.11.2019 12 fully booked CHF 2850
    EUR 2550
    13.11. - 25.11.2019 12 available CHF 2850
    EUR 2550
    27.11. - 10.12.2019 12 fully booked CHF 2850
    EUR 2550


    Early booking: 10% off. Full payment due by 20 DEC 2018.

    Group booking: 15% off. Min. 10 pax, max 12pax.


  • Important

    Only for intermediate and advanced surfers, which can handle the take off savely and surf head-high waves.
    You have to bring your own boards: We suggest 2-3 surfboards.

    Deposit of USD$ 800.00 per person is required to secure boat dates. Booking not secure until the deposit received – this is a first-come, first-served policy and we suggest early reservation to get your preferred dates.

    Initial deposit non-refundable but transferable or exchanged with a friend to take your place on that specific date (passengers are responsible for finding their own replacements).

    Balance of payments is due 60 days prior to departure and non-refundable 100%; check our cancellation policy fees below.

    We will send a confirmation of your bookings and deposits via email once the deposit arrives in our bank account.

    Failure to make the final payment by the due date and we will be entitled to cancel your booking and the deposit paid shall be lost.

    In case of promotional deals, if the client fails to make the payments by the due date and conditions agreed for the discounted price the normal rate will apply and the client will lose the discount.

    Travel Insurance is mandatory for your safety and no guest will be able to depart on the boat trips unless they have copies of their travel insurance documents before departure.

    Other charges incurred during the trip (photography, Mentawai TAX, crew tips, extra beers and liquor/wine) will be accept only cash payments in USD or IDR.  Payments by traveler’s checks, other currencies, credit card or personal checks are not accepted.

    Mentawai Tourism Tax of RP1.000.000 per person is NOT included and charged on the arrival. This TAX controlled by Indonesia Government may change at short notice so is chargeable at the rate that applies at the time.


    • Initial deposit non-refundable but transferable or exchangeable with a friend to take your place on that specific date (passengers are responsible for finding their own replacements).
    • If cancellation is within 59-45 days prior to departure – 40% cancellation fee applies (total cost of trip) and the remaining 60% converted into CREDIT to use within 1 year from the original date. CREDIT transferable.
    • If cancellation is within 44 days prior to departure – non-refundable, 100% cancellation fee.
    • During the journey if the boat cannot continue the trip due to mechanical and or technical problems and no alternative boat is available to continue, the guest will receive a refund proportional to the days left.
    • During the journey if an accident happens to one of the guests or boat crew member, the Captain reserves the right to finish the trip earlier, no refund will be given and Mentawai Surf Charters cannot be liable for this matter.