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Hawaii “Surf Adventure”

This is a chance of a lifetime: Experience surfing where it all began!

22° - 30°

25° - 27°

CHF 1700 / EUR 1615

October - December

Snorkeling, Wildlife, Secret beaches

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  • Hawaiian Surf Adventure

    Our Hawaiian adventure experience is great for all kind of people looking for a complete experience. Our trips are made first to improve your surf level even if you are a beginner, intermediate or on an advanced level kind of surfer. We put together all the activities that captivate our hearts and minds, all those places, food, sceneries that are printed in our memory and made us fall in love with this land.

    This is a chance of a lifetime, to experience surfing at the sight where it all began, while challenging the mind and the body in the process. We want to make sure you visit all four points of the island, we will take you to hikes on the top of the mountain, and also under the crystal clear water to snorkeling with Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles.

    Our activities builds strength, balance and flexibility which any surfer will tell you are key elements in surfing. The Hawaiian team is here to make sure you get everything and more during your time at the Hawaiian Experience.

  • Accomodation

    The top beach house has everything you need to ensure you get the most out of your stay in Hawaii. High-class accommodation in a private beach house in the North or East of Oahu:

    • Full kitchen for you to use
    • Wifi including
    • Pool (when available)
    • Walking beach distance.
    • Shared rooms (no private rooms)

    The location in Hawaii always varieties, the reason is because we like to experience different sides of the island and that means different houses equal different experience.

    All breakfast, lunch (except 2-3 when we are on the road) and a special last day BBQ farewell party are included. In order for you to discover the best local food, a local chef will prepare breakfast and most of the lunch from scratch with fresh locally grown ingredients. We always try to variety the food and make it with super food like Kale, quinoa or Acai because we know you need all the power for this kind of adventures. On dinners you can cook your own food at home or join us every night for a new taste in a local restaurant.

  • Surf

    Surfers of all levels and from all around the world have always known Hawaii for proving grounds. North, south, east and west no matter when or where, it has waves all year. The surf in Oahu can go from 2 ft to  8 ft in the south and from 2 ft to 60 ft at North. We will take you to spots where you can surf small and fun, but just 50 meters further out the same wave is head high and faster.

    Oahu is known as the “gathering place” and the island is the third largest island of the Hawaiian chain. This island is also a melting pot of diverse ethnicities, evident in the island's culinary traditions, entertainment, art and even languages. Here you will learn to ride the waves where surfing was born.

    Surfing is just a way of life on Oahu; over 100 named surf spots surrounding the island, there's lots to explore! The island waters are crystal clear, perfect for snorkeling session all the time.

    The South shore of the island is the most touristy side but if you know where to go you can find great places like Kapiolani Park and Diamond Head; the North Shore is famous for the good waves and the epic snorkeling, The East it's the greenest side with great legends and the last but not least is the west side of Oahu which is the driest but have the most beautiful beaches.

    We will take you to all those places of the island.

    Our home break will be Puena Point at Haleiwa on North shore or Diamond Head at South Shore depending on conditions. The variety of waves and surfboards will improve your surf style and technique before you can say ALOHA.


    We will teach all Levels:

    A Surfer born - Level 1
    You have never surfed before or you are in the beginning stages of surfing

    What you are going to learn on our surf trip:

    • Basic surf techniques and knowledge such as: proper paddling, stand up on the board on time, reading and choosing the right wave, going left or right.
    • Swell direction and best condition for general surfing, offshore – on shore wind, low tides high tides and much more.
    • Surfboards types and uses.

    I’m obsessed with surfing - Level 2
    This level is good for you when you have surfed enough to paddle on your own but waves and the wash water is giving you a hard time.

    What you are going to learn during your surf trip:

    • Intermediate surf techniques and knowledge such as: Power paddling
    • get through broken waves easier
    • surf long waves before breaking
    • reading waves
  • Offer

    Hawaiian Surf Adventure
    10 Days - 9 nights is everything you need for a perfect getaway in one of the most surf diverse islands in the world, the island of Oahu. Prime accommodations on the countryside of Oahu, East or North of the island, private surf lessons with the most recognize Surf schools, yoga, snorkeling, hikes, tours, Hawaiian culture, professional tour guides, surprise adventures and activities. All breakfasts and lunch included, BBQ farewell party. Experience Oahu’s beauty with our “All around the island” trips.


    10 days / 9 nights - price per person
    from April 14th to April 23rd 2019 CHF 2620
    EUR 2360
    from May 12th to May 21st 2019 CHF 2620
    EUR 2360
    from July 14th to July 23rd 2019 CHF 2620
    EUR 2360
    from October 13th to October 22nd 2019 CHF 2620
    EUR 2360
    from November 17th to November 26th 2019 CHF 2620
    EUR 2360
    from December 09th to December 18th 2019 CHF 2620
    EUR 2360



    Airport shuttle is included. We recommend you go first to Waikiki just to find the right place to stay before our trip. There is a lot shuttles to Waikiki and Honolulu, the cost is around USD 10. It is not possible to take the bus with any luggage. If you arrive after 2 days of the start of the trip we can pick up for an extra charge of USD 50.

  • Important

    Temperatures: 22-30°C
    Water: 25-27°C
    Flight: from CHF 1200 / EUR 1000
    Transfers: Airport shuttle is included
    Season: Surfing season all year round, adventures from October to December
    Extras: Aloha lifestyle, Yoga, Snorkeling