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Brazil “Rio Surfcamp”

Surf, party and explore Rio de Janeiro.

21°- 35°

23°- 26°

CHF 1100 / EUR 900

whole year

Massage, yoga, boat trips

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  • Brazil "Rio Surfcamp"

    Surf, party and explore Rio de Janeiro. Enjoy staying in one of Rios’ most charming neighborhoods, Arpoador. This spot is located 200m from the famos Copacabana und Ipanema.
    Rio is the perfect place to learn how to surf and our instructors will make it happen. If you already know how to surf our guides will show you the best spots on the coast according to the forecast. Between the famous beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema, Arpoador beach is famous for its long lefts and one of the most iconic views of Rio. Dozens of people crowd the Arpoador rock to see the most beautiful sunset in town.

    Rio de Janeiro has several different waves to offer, with beaches lined up and down its coastline. We have waves for all level surfers. Just a 40minute drive from Arpoador beach are the pristine beaches of Prainha and Grumari a surfers paradise.

  • Accommodation

    We offer comfortable accommodations in the Casa Azul Guest house, it is located only a 5minute walk from either Copacabana, Arpoador or Ipanema beach. The house has 3 guest rooms which are cleaned daily and have free WiFi.

  • Surf

    The Zona Sul of Rio has several interesting spots. Leme beach is famous for its barreling lefts and rights at the left side of Copacabana beach. Copacabana Posto 5 is always a good option if the winds change to southwest. Arpoador beach is next on the coast and is one of Rios best waves. A left hand point break which provides a long wave perfect for practicing your turns. Behind Arpoador we also have Praia do Diabo with many fun waves when the wind is not good for Arpoador. Ipanema beach offers many different surf spots as well. In Leblon we have the famous wave of Pontão do Leblon, this powerful right hand wave will give you a nice ride. São Conrado beach is the place to go if you want to get barreled and improve your air game. Between São Conrado and Barra da Tijuca is Joatinga beach, a hidden gem which is a great option for surfing in small summer days. Moving on to the West side of the city we have Barra da Tijuca. This is an extensive beach with great breaks all down the coast. In Reserva beach there are a couple of reefs which create fun waves all year. Recreio Beach is a powerful beach break and with barrels on bigger days and fun waves on smaller days. It also has a long right hand wave in the corner which can be epic in the right conditions. Macumba beach is ideal for long boarding and beginners, this beach has very long and easy rides. Next beach up is Rios surfing paradise Prainha, situated inside a reserve park it’s the most loved beach by the cariocas. This beach offers all kinds of waves depending on the swell conditions. Grumari beach is another long stretch of coast and you can find an empty lineup with good waves any day of the week.

  • Offer


    7 nigths accomodation inclunding 5 days surf course

    Surfcourse-Package / Price per person
    Double room 760 CHF
    633 EUR
    Single room 820 CHF
    683 EUR


    7 nights accommodation including breakfast

    Accomodation / Price per person
    Double room 360 CHF
    300 EUR
    Single room 420 CHF
    350 EUR


    Surf lessons

    Surf lessons / Price per person
    10 hours 399 CHF
    333 EUR



    Rental / Price per person
    5 days surfboard ental 120 CHF
    100 EUR


    Airport transfer can be arranged, cost per tour CHF50/EUR45



  • Important

    Temperature: air 21-35°C / water 23-26°C, surfing without wetsuit!
    Flight: from CHF 1100 / EUR 900, information and booking at Sudden Rush
    Season: all year
    Activities: Massage, yoga, boat trips