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Just Passing Trough

Reef Ambassadors are forever just passing through, crossing borders, taking in cultures, and exploring foreign shores. And now you can follow our ambassadors more closely, as we roll out a new monthly film series for 2016, showcasing their adventures in the best waves around the globe. This 10 Episode series will bring you along with the REEF team to far off, exotic locales to iconic surf destinations.

With nearly 1800 kilometers of coastline, the sights, sounds and colors of Portugal’s diverse coastline, stunning scenery and rich culture can bring out the #justpassingthrough spirit in anyone. From Lisbon to Ericeira, Peniche and Berlengas, Reef Ambassadors Evan Geiselman and Mitch Crews reap the benefits in #justpassingthrough Portugal: Episode 6.

Episode 7 of #justpassingthrough jumps from reef slabs in Portugal to throaty beach breaks in France, where Mitch Crews and Evan Geiselman join forces with fellow Reef Ambassadors Kai Otton, Mick Fanning and Roby D’Amico. The ensuing hunt for those elusive sandbars has its fair share of unthinkable exits and muscle-bending wipeouts as the boys steer their way through another European tube fest.

Episode 8 takes us deep into Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula with Cyrus Sutton in hopes of scoring a mysterious wave he discovered on a previous expedition a few years back. From bears to poachers, ex-soviet helicopters and a seemingly ideal swell in the forecast, Cyrus along with #ReefAdventureSeeker Anna Ehrgott and photographer Dylan Gordon put their lives on the line for a taste of perfection. This is #justpassingthrough at its finest.



It’s called a surgical strike for a reason. You spot the perfect swell with the perfect conditions on the forecast. The kind you know is going to light up that magical wave you’ve been dreaming of. As the days tick by, the anticipation builds. Checking the conditions goes from daily to eventually hourly. Countless phone calls and text messages are exchanged. Finally, it’s on, get the engines running! Episode 9 of #justpassingthrough is the result of one such occasion, when the stars aligned for Taylor Knox and Mitch Crews in Baja, Mexico.

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