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Book your surf trip to Nicaragua now! For all bookings for November, December and January we offer a 15%-reduction on the surf packages (excluding flight).

Our camp is located in the region Chinandega in the north of Nicaragua, about three hours drive from the capital Managua. The camp base is situated on a promontory from which you can see the neighboring El Salvador on a clear day. The plot is located in a green oasis with a heavenly garden with various trees and tropical fruits. The bay below the camp offers perfect surfing conditions for beginners. On the south side of the camps are the best beach breaks of Nicaragua for advanced surfers.

The best surf spots in Nicaragua are easily accessible from the camp. Most waves breaking on sand, some left rolling point breaks are near the camp. Infront of the camp is an ideal bay for beginners. The best time for beginners is during the dry season from November to March. From April to October stronger swells bring bigger waves to the coast. The water is warm and you surf all year in board shorts.

Sudden Rush`s Nicaragua Surfcamp